Cargo bike cover

Autumn is coming and that means more rain and falling leaves. However, the cargo bike stays a popular mode of transport for parents with young children. And let them be wrong, everything fits in and the children love it. The cargo bike therefor has conquered a permanent place in today’s cityscape. DS COVERS has developed a CARGO bike cover for almost all cargo bike models and types. Below we would like to tell you more about our cargo bike cover.

Cargo bike models

The cargo bike is produced by many relatively young bicycle brands, in most cases as a 2-wheeler or as a 3-wheel variant. A rain tent is available for almost all cargo bikes so that children can sit dry during a rainy ride. Established brands are, Babboe, Gazelle Cabby, Urban Arrow, Johnny Loco and Troy, but every year new brands appear on the scene such as Dolly, Winther, Nihola and Vogue.

It is an ideal mode of transport especially in and around the city. Unfortunately, not everyone has a shed / garage large enough to store their cargo bike indoors. In that case, we recommend protecting a cargo bike with our CARGO bike cover against rain, dust, frost and UV. We have developed our CARGO cargo bike cover for several types of cargo bikes.

Specifications cargo bike cover

The CARGO bike cover is made of 100% waterproof strong 300D polyester. Of course we have thought of holes for your lock and a strong elastic hem at the bottom. The adjustable snap closure underneath ensures that the cover remains in place in strong wind. The cargo bike cover comes in a handy storage bag.

Size advice

We have a suitable cargo bike cover for every cargo bike. Whether you have a 2-wheel cargo bike or a 3-wheel cargo bike and whether or not you have a rain tent on your cargo bike. Below you will find a list of the most common cargo bikes. Click on the link and you will be taken to the CARGO cargo bike cover page with the correct size for your cargo bike selected.

CARGO cover suitable for Babboe
CARGO cover suitable for
CARGO cover suitable for Cangoo
CARGO cover suitable for Dolly
CARGO cover suitable for Fietsfabriek
CARGO cover suitable for Gazelle
CARGO cover suitable for Johnny Loco
CARGO cover suitable for Nihola
CARGO cover suitable for Urban Arrow
CARGO cover suitable for Vogue
CARGO cover suitable for Winther

Is your cargo bike not listed? Then contact us. We will help you expertly with selecting the right cover.

The advantages

The advantages of our cargo bike cover at a glance:

– Your cargo bike stays dry and clean when you cannot store it indoors.
– The adjustable snap closure ensures that the cover doesn’t blow away in stronger wind.
– The lifespan of your cargo bike is extended because it suffers less from the weather elements.
– You hide the cargo bike from the view of potential thieves.
– You can easily secure the cover to the cargo bike using the lock holes.